Hope For Caregivers: ABC’s of Long-Term Care & Legal Planning

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Hope For Caregivers: 

ABC’s of Long-Term Care and Legal Planning

Discover strategies to effectively manage a loved ones care,
stay in control 
and reduce financial burdens
on the family during a medical crisis.


As a caregiver, you know better than anyone that good help and clear guidance is hard to find.

You may be struggling to pay for long-term care services, hitting roadblocks and waitlists in trying to get your loved one placed in an appropriate facility, or constantly fighting with doctors, hospitals (or even other family members) because you don’t have the necessary legal or financial authority to oversee your loved one’s affairs and/or care.

Solid legal and financial planning is your answer and can help you put an end to all of the confusion and overwhelm that you currently face.

Download our free Caregivers Guide where you will discover:

  • Critical conversations you must have NOW with a sick or disabled loved one to simplify your job as a caregiver and help you carry out your loved ones wishes with grace and ease.
  • The truth about Medicare and why these benefits cannot be used to pay for long-term care (…and why families who believe this often end up with thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical debt!)
  • How to use legal planning to get your loved one eligible for MEDICAID benefits instead, which may cover costs that Medicare does not—even if your loved one initially has too much income or too many assets to qualify.
  • How to pay for long-term care without impoverishing their spouse or family and without wiping out their life savings.
  • The most important legal documents you need to stay in control of your loved one’s medical and financial affairs, without having to deal with the expenses, delays and intrusions of the local Courts.
  • How to access additional income sources (such as VA benefits) or medical resources in the community that you may not currently know about.
  • Easy ways to enlist help from on-call agencies, family members and concerned loved ones to prevent caregiver burnout and financial ruin. (More than half of caregivers struggle with depression and 47% of caregivers will blow through their life savings trying to help a loved one! You will learn easy ways to avoid this!)
  • The most important information to gather from your loved one so that you are prepared to “pull the trigger” on your care plan in the midst of a medical crisis.


At the end of the Caregiver Guide, you will receive a certificate for a telephone conference with our office at no-charge, to discuss your questions and concerns and help you begin the process of creating a solid legal plan for your loved one’s protection and your peace of mind.